MiniMCR is moving to a public LJ community

^You heard me, haha. 

Differences for various readers:

Lj users: you just have to add the comm and watch it. The entries will appear on your friends page as usual
Myspace users: I'll link to the new entries, so no change there
Onlinecomics users: (if I have many): I'll change the link, the site will look the same so it should all be easy
People who have this page bookmarked: Move your bookmark to the new page. Otherwise the site will look and be the same.

I'm moving to a comm so that I can have actual mods with powers. Examples of such powers would be the power to ban lj users who cause trouble (not that I've had any), to unscreen anon comments, and to post in my absence without needing my password.

I'm currently keeping both accounts Basic and unpaid. Due to laziness. However am still considering moodtheme

Old toons will stay archived here. Not much point in moving them all if I'm keeping the LJ to post with.

Obviously the mod I now have is lapifors . I may add some. I'll keep you posted.

In other news! I got my laptop back today, and all my data is STILL ON THERE. YES! YES! I still ha all my full sized photoshop files etc. *dance* and its FASTER than this machine. And has CS2.

....just for those who like to know these things.

I now hear you say: Shut up and post a new toon. In the comm. Ohhh yeah. Click below then!

Warning: contains Dr Who. Could be considered very minor spoiler for past 3 episodes aired in the UK, but not really. People who don't watch it won't get all the jokes. Sorry.

Also, toon is BIG. Sorry. D:



Opinions please

Before anyone complains - I have a toon in front of me and am working on it. I had a backlog of things in my email account this week, and I just waded through it all. Hence this:

What do you think of me making this a members only community. (By creating one and posting to it) I'd probably make it a paid one. And I would wipe all other accounts I have, probably including myspace. Because the feed would be rendered useless if you had no lj account.

I love lj.
Less work for me.
I could add people in as actual mods and they could post extra things
Members only has a snazzy feel to it
Might cut down on assoles posting my toons and giving me attitude afterwards. But only the new toons.
I'm considering getting a paid one. I could get actual polls and can anybody say...
CUSTOM MOOD THEME?...if I did a paid one.

You'd need an lj account. I'd hate to inconvienience you like that, I KNOW what its like to have accounts everywhere
Would not completely stop the toon stealing, but i'd know it was one of youuuuuuuu O_o

That's all I can think of now. GIve me your opinions, they will count and I value them :)

VOTE YES OR NO HERE - if you say no I want to know WHY please :) it could be something I could work around

I'm going to pop onto aim now if anyone wants a discussion about it: (19:36 UK time)

Edit edit:  I'm considering going to a paid comm, public or not, for the modding power. Any opinions on that should also be voiced :D

Current plan so far: go to a public comm, post via this (I need mod power) and make my images untouchable. na na na na (can't touch this) *dance*

since I have so many people not on lj D: I never knew!

MiniMCR has now moved the minimcrcomm for the modding power.
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Vote for MCR!

So I was voting for MCR for AOL sessions under cover (aka accoustic)...and then it bacame a tie with Yellowcard. Whilst futiley clicking and not making much difference it occured to me that I know a few people here who might enjoy the challenge of breaking a tie...

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News on the War

So some of you may still be following the war with r_g_wordstory arc. Some of you may also have got bored of it and wandered off to get a good movie and some popcorn...ANYWAY.

They have accused us of stealing stickman!Ray!

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Also, I am going to do a fanart post soon. SO if you sent me fanart via email and I never put it up, I'm really sorry for the wait, and I love it alll. If you have some fanart you haven't sent me, show me it now D: so I can post it up. And if you posted some to me in comment that hasn't gone in a post yet give me a POKE so I can find it. Or repost it here. Either one is good. :3

Now I shall pop back onto aim messenger as thisisminimcr. Come say hai!


MiniMCR have has a minor stylistic progression! Aka...I gave their hair a rehaul.

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EDIT: Because I got bored, I made an AIM screenname for minimcr: thisisminimcr. Add it if you want to chat/ask me something silly when I remember to log on. :3
EDIT EDIT: if you message me on aim and I seem to ignore you, its because I just messed it up. Try messaging me again.

Kirsty Gets Opinionated.

Now I normally keep my opinion out of here, because...well, most opinions on MCR related things cause drama, and I only really have strong ones on their music XD However, I went to see Spiderman 3 last night, and THE MAC ADVERT WAS ON. AGAIN. I HATE THEM. I feel obligated to give the unbiased truth about Macs and PCs as I know it, tackling one lie at a time. I love my PC...even if it did break. (LOL say the Mac users...but NO, says I. It was simply the wire to the screen breaking, which I was told happens to ALL brands. so NYER NYER)
So, I have enlisted MiniFrank and MiniRay to help me.

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